[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Lone Ninja - Alpha Protocol lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1: Lone Ninja]
Special Op, crept through the dreadful spots
Let loose shots to stretch you, metal pops
Get you got in death duel, just you watch
The rebel rocks your refuge, level blocks
As soon as I lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Lone Ninja - Alpha Protocol lyrics download mp3 gave the signal, my thugs march
You’re doomed as cord kord chord Lone Ninja - Alpha Protocol lyrics kunci gitar I aim the missiles and scuds launch
I’m using the chain and sickle, I’m just harsh
I’m cruel with the pain, I’ll split you and clutch heart
Lone Ninja, I’m beyond visual range
Throat slitter, any conflict and you’re slain
Tyrant, pose risk, violent, cold, sick
I approach with High Explosives
Disguised in the smokescreen and camouflage
Youre dying, my foes scream and battle scarred
Dark killers siege and threaten with guns,
Artillery is second to none

[Verse 2: June Marx]
Marx will never forfeit I march forward
Armored warship launch into orbit
Wanted like a warrant
Swarm target raw carnage morbid absorb it
It’s on once the god on it brandish armor
Overall the protocol command and conquer
Land in a black bomber badge of honor
Operation anaconda I’m bad karma
Burn like volcanic lava soldiers cower
Phantoms hidden encampments in Okinawa
Ghost recon we form at the chosen hour
We low-key calm assaulting control tower
Overpower we sweep and clear
Creeping in the demons lair it’s the lethal pair
Marx I’m from the last of a breed that’s rare
Presence of evil kept desert eagle near

[Verse 3: Lone Ninja]
Sniper and marksman strike at the fighter squadron
Crisis starting, slice when the knife is chords Lone Ninja - Alpha Protocol lyrics lyrics sharpened
Night has darkened, spy dead and lie in coffin
Titan, spartan, eyes red, we frighten guardsmen
Ice and off them, don’t sleep, let’s go and brawl
Nice and awesome, foes eat crow and crawl
Lone will draw, my trousers hold the 4
Soldiers fall, it’s Alpha Protocol
Slap soft clowns, blast off rounds
Bad boss, have force, black hawk down
Catch bombs, bloaw, foes is a bloody mess
Masked, stalk grounds, roam in the muddy trench
Death is grim, weapons are laser guided
Get the win, test this and pay the prices
Lead the militia, siege, no witness lives
Bleed when we hit ya, seize the initiative

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